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Seed Vibrations



Everything is vibrating to the beat of a universal dance. The intricate layering of vibrational energy throughout the universe resembles a cosmic symphony that is harmonizing self-generating music. Our bodies are being danced by this sound of life, like notes being played by the vital forces of consciousness.


Ancient mystics believed that sound was a carrier of energy, capable of healing and restoring harmony in our bodies. Sound as an elemental state of vibration, can be thought of as waves of energy or strings in vibration. This universe is a unified field vibrating, radiating waveforms, spreading everywhere and sparsely seeding the cosmos with matter. From atoms to the cell membrane cilium and their dynamic resonant properties, to the distant star cluster pulsations and the background radiation, everything in this universe vibrates in a spectrum of frequencies. At the quantum level, particles vibrate in and out of existence, they only condense when observed. Modern physics has uncovered this mystery as the wave-particle paradox and discovered that the fabric of reality vibrates with energy potential. This energy potential is like a cloud of possibilities, where probability waves are primary carriers of structure and form and much like sound waves, they have the potential to organize complexity. The idea that in the beginning there was sound can be found in most gospels of creation. In the beginning was the word and the word was a vibratory formula that manifested physicality. The word universe means one-verse or one-word, this seed vibration transforms the archetypal world of forms into a very fine-tuned reality. 



Music of the Spheres



All planetary systems have fined tuned ratios and have a vibrational signature. In ancient Greece, Pythagoras believed that the planets and all spheres in motion created their own music. (1) Sixteenth-century astronomer Johannes Kepler theorized, that our solar-system sun and planets, all had their own vibrational signatures and resonated as a harmonic planetary system. (2) Our own vital bodies have an energy signature, vibrating and broadcasting information out into the energy field. When I say our own vital bodies I mean the integration of the bio-active shell that surrounds us in the form of energy fields and the physical body we embody, made of atoms, molecules, and cells. This suggests that the body radiates energy beyond our skin perimeter out into the bio-active shell from where we also receive and transduce energy signals. Recent studies have discovered quantum vibration inside our microtubules. (3) This would seem to confirm the notion that we are receiving subtle transmissions from this bio-active shell. Our body has an energy field that resonates and harmonizes with our outer and internal containers. The old mystics thought that our vital body reflected chi or life force, and this chi interacted with all things. It is theorized that this bio-field is torus-shaped, a kind of morphological map that extends outside of our skin, where possible memories and information are embedded. (4) Scientists have managed to measure these bio-fields, mainly the electromagnetic radiation generated from our hearts and brains. (5) In order to balance its pulsating output, the beating heart seeks to entrain with harmony. Harmony seems to be the ultimate goal of whole systems. Biological systems vibrate together in flux, entraining rhythmic cycles of vital forces. We could visualize this as vibrating waves on a tangent. This tangent gives us the periodicity of the wave over time. This relationship is what we call frequency, which is to say the amount of energy vibrating cycles per second.





In harmonic balance, whole systems will entrain with each other. The emotions of bliss, joy, and compassion have this balancing effect on our bio-active shells. These emotions evoke electrical signals that entrain our heart, generating subtle frequencies that normalize asynchronous heart rate. (6) 


Harmony is the optimum rate of vibration, and this rate is called resonance. When we are in resonance, every cell absorbs and transmits sound resonating at an optimum frequency. When the vital body is in balance, all our meridians vibrate in harmony. Imbalance in the vital body can be caused by many factors. External and internal disruptions of the bio-field usually result in emotional blockage or dis-ease. When the subtle energy flow is disrupted our chakras and energy points along the body are deprived of vitality. Disease begins with a disruption of bio-physical rhythms. Our modern lifestyles, for example, are full of stressors that can disrupt our well-being. These modern environments are also plagued with urban electromagnetic radiation pollution that perturbs the natural harmony within our vital selves. (7) On the journey back to wellness, there are many roads to optimal health. All these paths seek to re-balance and return us back to harmony. In harmony, our vital bodies, vertebra, and nervous structures vibrate in resonance. Sound vibration as a therapeutic modality, has the potential to recalibrate and tune these frequency centers back to the desired equilibrium. We forget that sound is perceived not only through our rich auditory senses but also thru our skin and our bony structures; perhaps even our proprioception is fined tuned to the bio-field. Harmony is like wholeness, out of this state, self-organizing structures knit harmonic braids of vital energy. 






Resonance is a Latin word that means to return to the sound, to echo with vibration. When the natural vibration of an object excites another object, they resonate together. This reverberation makes the two objects harmonize with each other at a composite frequency. Every set of relative harmonics that vibrates simultaneously generates structure, like the different nodal points of a standing wave. These still points have relationships that are expressed mathematically as the overtone series. The overtone series follows the golden mean ratio found in the seed of life, fractal geometry, and the Fibonacci series. Using a monochord, Pythagoras was able to discover the overtone series and their whole number ratios. He realized the power of the universal harmony found in these ratios and how they could be represented in the architecture of nature and sacred geometry. (8) The first and third harmonic partial have an intervallic relationship called the perfect 5th, which has a 2/3 ratio and is the most consonant of all intervals. This interval has been considered by most mystery schools as the perfect sound, capable of restoring harmony and health. The first 6 partials of the harmonic series form a major chord; the entire major scale can be calculated from the first 16 harmonics of any series. All taut strings of different length like flutes, tubes, and membranes have precise overtone partials and corresponding intervallic relationships. This principle has led to the development of music and the families of instruments with different tunings. Our bodies are like a musical instrument with nodal points that resonate with each other, creating a harmonic spectrum. (9) We have all felt different parts of our body vibrate with sound. Our nerve enervated bone structures crystallize and recalibrate when they resonate with particular natural harmonic frequencies. (10) The sound and noise environment that our bodies are exposed to, affect the nerve-rich vertebra chain in our spines, which act like a complex resonating system along elongated pathways known as dermatomes. Loud, abrasive and dissonant sounds jolt us into the primal fear response and have the potential to disrupt our harmonic balance; whereas soft and consonant natural sounds will nurture our body’s harmony. With the use of specific toning overtone techniques and frequencies, we can re-tune, self-repair and self-heal emotional blockage and other disruptions or disharmony of our natural rhythms and cycles. By self-generating tones using our voice, breath, windpipes, mouth and nasal pathways we can resonate cavities of the facial bone structure, sinus, and other organs. With the use of toning, we can also activate energy centers in the body such as the pineal gland or third eye, pituitary gland and the throat centers. (11)



A Family of Tones



The overtone series can be generated starting from any tone or fundamental. A family of tones belongs to a tuning system from where the musical vocabulary of major and minor scales are constructed. Our modern musical repertoires are tuned to the equal temperament standard where A is 440 Hz. In the history of music, there has been a variety of tunings and not so equal temperaments. Not all tunings are alike, and only a few natural tunings have beneficial effects on the vital body. One of them is derived from the natural pulsating frequency of the Earth’s ionosphere, which resonates at a frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second or cpi. If we apply the overtones series whole number set to this 8 cpi fundamental, we get 8, 16, 32, 128, 256, 512, 1024, and 2048. In this sequence also called the solar harmonic spectrum, we find the octave C=256 Hz and C=512 Hz and its derived major scale set commonly used in shamanic tuning and most chakra tuning devices. This 8 cpi natural heartbeat of the planet is called the Schumann resonance in honor of W.O. Schumann whom in 1954 calculated the Earth’s ionosphere cavity resonance frequency. (12) There are many claims and ongoing studies that suggest that C=512 Hz can affect and induce cell repair. 8 cpi is also the brain’s alpha wave frequency which is associated with meditation states and wakeful rest with eyes closed. The number 8 is said to integrate the heavens. 8 times 9 is 72. The heart pumps blood effortlessly, when operating in a rhythm of 72 beats per minute, our hearts literally beat with the hologram of the planet and the universe. 72 bpm is the foundation beat of compassionate love, our most basic emotion, and it resonates with our heart chakra. If we multiply 72 times 8 we get 576 Hz which is a D. D=576 Hz is both a multiple of the natural heartbeat of the planet expressed as the Schumann resonance or 8 cpi and also a base 9 integer in that 5+7+6=18 and 1+8=9. It is here that we intersect to another tuning system based on factor 9 mathematics. In factor 9 mathematics, D=576 Hz is a perfect 4th of the A=432 Hz. The germ of life and the flower of life are examples of complex beauty and design, this sacred geometry has a base 9 system. The elemental shapes of life are represented in the 3D geometry of the platonic solids. The most basic seed form is the 4 sided tetrahedron, all its equilateral angles add up to 720. 720 Hz is an F#, and this is significant. I suspect our bodies have a special relationship with the 720 Hz F# major scale. This tone can be used to recalibrate the root chakra. The number 72 can also be found in 2D geometry if you multiply the 6 sided 120-degree angles found in a hexagon you get 720. The first four platonic solids give us the overtone series of the F# major chord. From this overtone series, we can extrapolate the fundamental frequency of A=432. 432 is also both a factor 9 based integer in that 4+3+2=9 and a multiple of Earth’s natural resonance frequency 8 cpi. The number 432 seems to be a universal number as it is found in Earth’s astronomical measurements and cycles such as our atmospheres average height measured from the epicenter of the planet, the procession of the equinox and the radius of the moon. 432 is also present in the sacred temples of ancient civilizations. The square root of 432 is also the speed of light expressed in miles. (13) There are many more coincidences that suggest that both this 432 number and the factor 9 grid are significant universal coefficients. The number 9 has powerful archetypal symbolism present in ancient mystery schools and Judeo-Christian cabal. The number 9 is also embedded in the 9-month pregnancy of humans and our solar system with the 9 planets, and 9 is also the last simple number and part of the 3,6,9 series present in vortex mathematics. (14)


There is unlikely a universal tone fit for everybody. (15) The factor 9 number systems and their natural relationships suggest, that the cosmic tuning of 432 Hz is well suited as the basic frequency or root energy tone. This harmonic set includes Earth’s natural resonance or heart chakra D=576 Hz, and the sacred fundamental frequency of F#=720 used for the third eye chakra center. The 432 Hz family of tones naturally reverberate the cavities of our cranium and bone structures, sonically massaging the intradural cranial membranes. The hypothesis is that the entire spinal column and vertebrae harmonize with the 432 Hz chordal structure, its nodal points then resonate at related frequencies that activate the chemistry and electric nature of our bodies.



Emotional Set



We can begin to experience the healing properties of the A=432 Hz tone series by using tuning forks, crystal bowls, metallophones, membranophones, drones, and by humming, toning and other vowel chanting techniques. (16) The use of these tones in combination with proper seed mantras, intentions and protocols have the potential to act as agents in the healing process. The A=432 Hz tone series, can untangle emotional blockage and dissemble or dissolve trauma. Its perfect 4th, D=578 Hz, is intrinsically connected with compassionate love, all the while rooted in Earth’s natural frequency of F#=720 Hz. Compassionate love is many times the first step in addressing emotional issues, a first stepping stone to forgiveness. This emotional state is what the body needs to retune with its vital self.





These frequencies seek to restore health, recalibrating and rebalancing the vital body. The vibrations activated by the A=432 series cleanses and releases blocked energy, they can also induce the relaxation response and other endocrine and physiological body markers. The many physiological benefits of sound healing include reduced anxiety, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, increased immunity, reduction in agitation and respiratory rates. Sound is also a non-invasive boost to the body’s natural opiates and endorphins; this would certainly alleviate and effectively be used for pain management and for coping mechanisms. (17) Applications like humming or vocalizing can increase levels of nitric oxide, a molecule that promotes healing and of oxytocin a hormone that makes us feel good and empathic. (18) These emotional qualities are the precursors of love and compassion.


This complementary approach to the healing process is centered on the properties of sound as medicine. Although this has yet to be accepted and verified, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that sound can, in fact, affect the body in multiple ways. On this journey back to wellness, our bodies will vibrate in a bath of energy transformation. When done appropriately, these modalities will revitalize and retune the vital body back to universal wholeness. 








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