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Children of all ages express themselves through music. Even young infants sway, bounce, or move their hands when they hear music. Many preschoolers make up songs and sing to themselves as they play. Children in elementary school learn to sing together as a group. Older children dance to the music of their favorite bands and use music to form friendships and share feelings. Young school-age children are intrigued by singalong songs that involve counting, spelling, or remembering a sequence of events. Music Therapy dramatically increases kid's communication skills, improves children's socialization and cognitive development. Music Therapy enhances academic learning as children are able to identify and name numerals, letters, days of the week, learn to take turns, and understand simple concepts and themes. Pre-Schoolers love to engage in the fulfilling movement to music activities. 


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Try these fun Music Therapy activities with your children and experience the joy of learning.


Action songs are a wonderful way to engage children while learning academic and coordination skills. Song and dance help children become imaginative and expressive as they develop spatial awareness.  Action songs and singing together also improves behavior.  An action song is accompanied by specific actions which usually teach children something practical.  Action words or action verbs in songs include Clap, Jump, Sit, Freeze, Go, Count, Laugh, Sleep, Point, Sing.  By communicating freely with the voice and body, children learn to bond with each other and express themselves with confidence. 

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